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About Us

Acropolis is an original Heavy Alternative group based in northeast Oklahoma. The band was formed in late 2004 and includes vocalist Zack Johnston, guitarists Kevin Johnson and Jake Willard, John J on Bass and the amazing Brian McKinney on drums. The combination of four extremely gifted young men with a seasoned veteran is producing a fresh and creative sound with the structure and professionalism usually found in more experienced groups. They have been performing since September 2005 and are being welcomed by fans with amazing enthusiasm. Their full set list includes more than 20 songs with a variety of feels and no two songs sound alike. The heavy bottom, riff based metal backbone supporting strong melodic vocals and shredding guitar is the framework of their music. This is brought to life in concert with mood altering dynamics and an intensity that doesn't allow exclusion. If you attend a concert you will become a part of Acropolis. For a young band their views are very mature. It’s all about the music and fans, end of story.

The Kickoff!

Zack- VocalsKevin- GuitarJake- GuitarBrian- DrumsJohnny- Bass